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5 Best Pasta Pot That Will Make Cooking So Much Better

Pasta has become a staple food in most countries ranging all over the world. It has its roots in Asian, European, and American cuisine that it’s impossible not to find pasta anywhere. It’s also easy to cook up that most houses have their recipes emerging from tradition or turned into a fusion type of dish.


If you’re one who loves pasta then you must have the right pots to cook your noodles from. Not only does this ensure you of the proper way of cooking your pasta noodles, but you’ll also be able to guarantee your safety and eliminate accidents that might happen if you’re not using the right pasta cooking appliances.

With this best pasta pot guide, we’ll have you covered in all the things you need and should look out for when buying a pasta pot.

Cook N Home’s 8-Quart Pasta Cooker is ideal for home-usage. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s durable. The aluminum base in the bottom helps to distribute heat when you’re using the pot. The lid has a steam vent and is made of tempered glass. It helps view what you’re cooking inside rather than opening the lid now and then to check.

What we love about this pasta pot is that the set comes with the strainer that helps you drain off the water after you’re done cooking the pasta. This is convenient since you no longer have to transfer it into a different strainer and avoid the risk of accidents that could burn yourself.

Cook N Home’s pasta pot is dishwasher safe and can be used on induction, electric, ceramic, glass, halogen, and gas.


  • It comes with a steamer so you can do more than just making pasta noodles
  • The handles are comfortable to grasp.


  • The stockpot needs to be filled with a lot of water to reach the strainer.
Rachael Ray 87393 Brights Hard Anodized Nonstick Pasta Pot / Stockpot / Stock Pot - 8 Quart, Gray

Not all pasta pots are built round. Rachel Ray’s pasta pot has an oval shape that claims to make it easier for those cooking pasta to just drop their noodles into a pot of boiling water rather than wait for it to bend and get soaked inch by inch. Not only does it save a lot of time in cooking long pasta noodles, but it’s also convenient.

Rachel Ray’s pasta pot also has a pour spout that helps in draining off the water after your pasta noodles are done. This way, you no longer have to transfer it into a strainer.

There are two handles on both sides that make it easy for the user to grip at. The lid is made of shatter-resistant glass so you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed at high temperatures. It can withstand up to 350°F in the oven. The material is of high-quality PFOA-free nonstick and the pot is dishwasher safe.


  • The pour spout is helpful as you don’t need a strainer
  • The handles are rubberized.


  • The pot’s oval shape can take up a lot of space in your cupboard or stovetop while cooking.
Cooks Standard Classic 4-Piece 12 Quart Pasta Pot Cooker Steamer Multipots, Stainless Steel

If you’re one to host parties or have a small catering business, this 12-quart pasta pot by Cooks Standard can get the job done for you. The set has everything you need to cook your pasta dishes and more. It includes a stainless steel stockpot, a strainer, a steamer, and a stainless steel lid. The base is layered with aluminum for equal heat distribution.

The handles are riveted which makes it comfortable to use. It doesn’t heat up even when the pot is hot. Cooks Standard’s 12-quart pasta pot is also dishwasher safe.


  • It’s safe to use in the oven up to 500°F
  • It has a classic design.


  • The lid is not made of glass. Although stainless steel is more durable, you won’t be able to view the inside of your pot.
  • The lid does not have a vent hole.
Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Pasta Pot with Steamer Insert, 8-quart, Black - 1876992

There is such a thing as a heavy-duty pasta pot and that’s made possible by Calphalon. Their 8-quart pasta pot is made of hard-anodized aluminum that makes sure heating is even throughout the pot. You can use the pot for steaming, boiling, and cooking other dishes. The surface is made with a non-stick coating so you can make healthier meals too.

The pot is also known for its durable material. It’s dishwasher-safe and oven-safe as well and can withstand 450°F.

So if you’re looking for a pasta pot that can be used for different types of cooking, this may be for you.


  • The lid is made up of a see-through tempered glass material so it’s viewable inside.


  • It is not compatible with induction cooking
  • The handles get hot easily
  • There are some issues with the sizes of the strainer holes since some pasta noodles slip right through it.
Gotham Steel 5 Quart Multipurpose Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid & Twist and Lock Handles, Nonstick Copper Surface Makes for Effortless Cleanup with Tempered Glass Lid, Dishwasher Safe

Gotham Steel’s pasta pot might just be the pot you need for home use. This pot may look like a no-frills kind of appliance but it gets the job done.

To start, the pasta pot is made of titanium with a ceramic coating. This means that it’s durable and easy to clean afterward. Gotham Steel boasts that their pot doesn’t need oil for you to cook your food which is a healthier alternative to using regular pots.

The lid is worth mentioning since it’s made of strong glass that allows you to see your food cooking inside the pot. It has small holes to help strain the pasta when it’s done with the help of the pouring spout that also serves as the pot’s vent. The handles also have a twist and lock feature that helps lock in the lid so you can drain out your noodles with ease.


  • It’s dishwasher and oven-safe
  • The small holes built in the lid serves as a strainer as well.


  • It’s not scratch-proof so be careful when using a fork for scraping out food
  • The handles get hot easily
  • The 5-quart size may be too small for some.

Were the choices above enough to convince you to get a pasta pot? If you still have a few more concerns, let us help you understand what a pasta pot is and how do you use one.

What Is A Pasta Pot?

What Is A Pasta Pot?

A pasta pot is simply a pot that is used in boiling pasta noodles. It’s usually round in shape but pots like the ones Rachel Ray designed and were mentioned above can also be oval.

What makes these pots as pasta pots are their ability to help you boil pasta noodles, strain them easily, and allow you to cook on the pot as well.

How Do You Use A Pasta Pot?

Step 1

Fill the pot halfway with water. You do not want to fill it near the rim. Remember that the water will boil and if you put too much it might cause the water to spill.

If your pasta pot comes with a strainer, place it inside the pot before putting in the water.

Step 2

Put the pot on top of your stove. Light up your stove and wait until the water boils. When it does so, carefully add your pasta noodles.

If you’re using long noodles, make sure not to break them. Don’t worry if your pot is short and the noodles are standing and sticking out. Let the boiling water allow it to soften and it will fill the pot comfortably.

Step 3

Check your pasta if it’s your preferred cooked texture. If it is, turn the stove off. Carefully lift the strainer to drain the water out of your pasta noodles. Don’t lift it too fast. Just ease it out of the pot since the water will need to come out.

If your pot has no strainer, have a separate one on standby. Place it inside a bowl where you can pour your noodles unto it. Discard the water or save some for stock.

Best Pasta Pot Buying Guide

What factors should you be looking for in a pasta pot? How do you know the ones you’re buying are the best? Here are a few tips to note:


If you’re looking for a pasta pot for home use, a 6 to an 8-quart pot is deemed the best. For a bigger crowd, you may cook in a 12-quart pasta pot since this will allow you to cook up to 3 pounds of pasta.

Remember to think about the amount of pasta you will most likely be cooking often. Size matters when it comes to boiling your pasta noodles as it needs a lot of water for it to be cooked.


See-through glass lids are helpful when it comes to cooking pasta. This allows you to check on them without lifting the lid frequently. A vent on the cover is also helpful so it does not destroy your glass lids.

A downside to glass lids is that it has the potential to break if exposed to too much heat. So be sure to read the label indicated on your pasta pot before buying it if the lids can withstand high heat.

Built-In Strainer

Not all pasta pots come with a strainer. You might think you don’t need one. Though indeed, you can still cook pasta noodles on just the stockpot, it’s still helpful if the pot comes with its very own strainer. This allows you to easily drain your pasta noodles without moving around too much. All you need to do is carefully lift the strainer and wait until it’s drained of water.


You will be lifting the pot and the strainer after it boils so it’s always a great thing to have handles that don’t heat up in the process. Handles that are rubberized to help you protect your hands are always a plus.


Since you will be lifting the pot, a lightweight one should be suitable for you. Don’t buy a pot that’s too heavy for you to carry. Otherwise, you might accidentally drop the pot with boiling water.

FAQs on Pasta Pots

Searching for more questions? We have here a list of frequently asked concerns that might help.

1. How big should a pasta pot be?

As mentioned above, a 6 to an 8-quart pot for home use should suffice. But always check on the amount of pasta noodles you’re cooking. You’re good to use any sized pasta pot as long as it has enough room to expand and for the water to boil.

2. What size is a pasta pot and how tall is it?

There are different types of sizes and height for a pasta pot. The smallest one would be a 1-quart pot with a 2-inch depth but that would not be ideal for a whole pack of pasta. You may use it for just a few strands of noodles. But if you’re looking to feed a group of 5 then use a 6 or 8-quart size of pasta pot.

3. Why is a Dutch oven better than a pot?

If you’re looking for a pot that can retain heat better than your usual pot, then you might be interested in a Dutch oven. This is a type of pot that can withstand heat because of its thick material. It’s also heavier than your regular pot.

A Dutch oven is better than a pot when you’re looking into braising meat and cooking stews. You may also cook your pasta in it. But since it’s heavy, it’s advisable to cook your pasta noodles in a pasta pot. You may then put the noodles into the Dutch oven if you’d like to finish cooking it with sauce.

So in conclusion, a Dutch oven is not better than a pot. The usage of a pot depends on what cooking style you’re going for.

Was this best pasta pot guide helpful? Let us know what you’re planning to get!

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