Substitute For Goat Cheese: 6 Options You Can Try

Substitute For Goat Cheese

Do you love cheese? Do you think your kitchen cannot survive without these delectable dairy products?


Then there's a good chance that you know goat cheese. Of course, the goat cheese is among the most popular forms of cheese. It is versatile and has a flavor that is a favorable undertone that suits various ingredients.

At some point, you would eventually seek the potential substitute for goat cheese. After all, you cannot expect that this cheese will always be available in your kitchen--even if you want to.

Right now, I am going to showcase some of the most exceptional alternatives that you can have for this particular cheese. You will be surprised that there are several food items that can serve as a goat cheese alternative!

Before we discuss various goat cheese substitutes, we need to know first the taste of goat cheese. After all, it is the one that decides which ingredients can work as its replacement. Needless to say, you cannot use a particular foodstuff as an alternative to a particular ingredient if it doesn't match the taste and texture of the latter.

Earlier, I said that the goat cheese is pretty versatile. It can accommodate a myriad of recipes, which is pretty impressive for a cheese.

However, one should know that goat cheese comes with multiple variants, as well. I am not saying that the flavor of these variants differs from one another. But from a personal standpoint, I do believe that there are subtle differences that you can notice here.

For instance, the unripened goat cheese has a texture that is similar to the cream cheese. Of course, the tang is almost the same as cream cheese, as well. It is delicious, clean, and works with various recipes like pizza, omelet, and even simple sandwiches.

Meanwhile, a ripened goat cheese is evidently stronger than unripened one when it comes to flavor. Specifically, it has a smell that closely resembles ammonia. It has a lot of tangs, but it doesn't reach the point where you can say that it is sour. Old ripened goat cheese is already nutty and earthy. It has a flavor that works well with soups and a partner for cauliflower cheese.

There is also the hard goat cheese variant. This one comes with a sharp and sweet taste. It is also nutty because it has been aged properly. Specifically, its tang is comparable to the Parmesan cheese. This type of cheese can be used as a pasta topping or can be coupled with other sauce ingredients. Of course, hard cheese is also a perfect choice for macaroni and cheese.

Are you curious how goat cheese is made? Here is a video that reveals the process!

Substitute For Goat Cheese

Now that you know the flavors of goat cheese, it would be easier for you to identify the possible substitute for it. Fortunately, it is not difficult to match the flavor of goat cheese. There are various ingredients out there that can magically replicate the quality of this particular cheese.

But of course, I am here to make sure that you will no longer need to do some guessing. The following food items below are among the perfect substitutes for goat cheese.

You should check them out now!

1. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

What is a good substitute for goat cheese? It could be the goat cheese.

Aside from being a versatile cheese variant, blue cheese is also easy to work with. The consistency of its texture is quite adorable. You can use it in various recipes such as soups, sandwiches, and other Mexican delicacies. It also has a lot of health benefits, too!

It was called blue cheese because of the bluish veins that run throughout its body. According to some people, the creation of blue cheese was just an accident. Well, if that story is true, then it is beautiful serendipity indeed.

However, compared to goat cheese, the blue cheese doesn't have a strong taste. It has a mellow tang. Perhaps, it is the most notable trait of this cheese. I recommend that you use this cheese as a substitute for goat cheese in a recipe with moderation. In this way, you will be able to control your recipe, which will allow you to achieve its desired flavor.

2. Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc

The Fromage Blanc is an excellent substitute for goat cheese if you are looking to match the softness of the latter. It is the perfect ingredient that resembles the entire texture and consistency of the goat cheese. With its white color, the Fromage Blanc spreads smoothly through sandwiches, pasta, tacos, and any other ingredient that you have in mind.

The consistency of the Fromage Blanc is not watery. Instead, it is creamy, which makes it a great sauce and additive to soup and other treats! The only problem with this cheese is its availability. Specifically, Fromage Blanc is something that you cannot buy on a daily basis. It is common in cheese-manufacturing countries. But for most parts of the world, the supply for this cheese is quite limited.

3. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta Cheese

Another delectable substitute for goat cheese is the Ricotta cheese. It is an optimal choice for those that are looking for a healthy alternative without compromising its flavor and texture department. This cheese is derived from sheep milk, which is known for its low-fat composition. It is also rich in protein!

Generally, Ricotta cheese offers a similar flavor to the goat cheese. However, it is undeniable that Ricotta is firmer than its counterpart. It is not as consistent as goat cheese, too.

What are the perfect recipes that suit Ricotta cheese? Well, you can use it on cheesecakes, ravioli, lasagna, pizzas, and other Italian dishes. You should try it for yourself. It works flawlessly to these delicacies, which is pretty much the same when you are using goat cheese.

4. Cotija Cheese

Cotija Cheese

Cotija cheese is a wonderful alternative to goat cheese. You can trust me on that. The reason for this is the strength of the tang of the Cotija cheese, which somehow resembles that of a ripened goat cheese. However, keep in mind that there is a hint of saltiness in Cotija cheese. Furthermore, the texture of Cotija cheese is different from goat cheese. Therefore, you should only use it in recipes where the cheese should be crumbly.

Always keep in mind that Cotija cheese has subtle similarities to Parmesan cheese. The saltiness of this cheese requires you to moderate its use to make sure that it won't ruin your dish.

Like other hard cheese, Cotija doesn't melt even if you cook it. Therefore, you can consider it as a top choice as a topper. You can also use it for tacos, sandwiches, and burritos.

5. Queso Añejo

Queso Añejo

It is not only the European countries that are fond of cheese. The Mexican culture has its own fair share of rich cheese history. Cotija cheese, for example, is a proud variant of Mexican cheese. It is commonly used in a myriad of Mexican dishes and other regional delicacies.

However, that's not the only cheese on this block. Another notable Mexican cheese that you should check out is the Queso Añejo. Coincidentally, it is also a great substitute for goat cheese.

The literal meaning of Queso Añejo is "old cheese." Specifically, this one is an aged form of Queso Fresco, which is manufactured through the use of whole milk. Because it is an aged cheese, Queso Añejo offers a crumbly texture, which is different from goat cheese. However, if the goat cheese that you have is aged, then you should make use of the Queso Añejo.

The tang of aged goat cheese and Queso Añejo are almost the same. They have the same nutty undertone, which is perfect as a sprinkle for salads, pasta, pizzas, and a myriad of Mexican delicacies.

6. Mascarpone


When looking for a goat cheese substitute, you should consider the Mascarpone in your list. This one is a cheese and features a soft and creamy texture. It works perfectly if your recipe requires extra richness and savoriness. In fact, it can also be used in a few number of desserts. A good example is tiramisu.

If you are going to compare goat cheese and Mascarpone, it is easy to say that the latter is softer than the former. Fortunately, it still has a great level of consistency. It is not runny and watery, too.

Mascarpone is slightly sweeter than goat cheese. Therefore, you should only use it on recipes that will never be bothered by an added sweetness. Otherwise, you can just opt for other substitutes.


All of these cheese variants that are listed here work well as a replacement for goat cheese. The only important thing that you need to realize here is its appropriate usage. You should understand the respective nuances of these cheese variants. In this way, you can identify which of them you should use as a substitute for goat cheese in a recipe.

Of course, you should also have a hand on how much of these substitutes you are going to use. You would never want to ruin your dish by using a substitute for goat cheese too much or too scarcely.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. I will do my best to answer them all!