Top 5 Best Bulgur Substitutes for Cooking!

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Are you in search of for a pleasant bulgur exchange? This put up will speak about the best bulgur replacements. Continue studying for more info.

But, if you’ve by no means heard of bulgur, let me give an explanation for what it’s and the place it got here from.

What Is Bulgur?

Top 5 Best Bulgur Substitutes for Cooking!

Bulgur is a well-liked cereal grain within the Middle East produced from parboiled, dried, and overwhelmed wheat groats.

It is speedy and easy to make. Bulgur’s nutty taste complements baking, pilaff, and soups.

This superfood is top in fiber, protein, iron, and nutrition B6.

It’s simple to arrange and normally comes pre-cooked, so that you do not need to fret. Cooked bulgur has a chewy texture as a result of to its wonderful texture and nutty taste.

This is the condiment to make use of if you wish to fortify the style of a meat dish, salad, tacos, spaghetti, or every other merchandise.

Bulgur is produced from whole-grain wheat kernels which have been parboiled, dried, and cracked.

They cook dinner sooner than uncooked wheat berries or freekeh, that are damaged however raw contemporary inexperienced wheat kernels.

Bulgur, which is top in fiber and protein, is usually used to make tabbouleh salads, bulgur pilavi, kibbeh patties, fermented yogurt, and the dessert kheer.

Bulgur is adaptable on account of its average style, but it surely additionally has more than a few well being advantages and is straightforward to arrange.

However, bulgur isn’t all the time to be had. If you do not need bulgur, you could exchange different pieces.

Best Bulgur Substitutes

Top 5 Best Bulgur Substitutes for Cooking!

2. Wheat Couscous

Wheat couscous is used as a candy, salty, contemporary, or fermented condiment with a lot of meat-based dishes.

Wheat couscous is broadly utilized in Tunisian, Algerian, and Moroccan delicacies.

Because of its reputation in lots of areas and cultures, couscous is often referred to as couscous in North Africa.

This grain would possibly simply be substituted for bulgur in dishes.

Couscous has a better fiber and protein content material than rice, thus people who find themselves gluten touchy can’t ingest it.

Whole wheat couscous could also be utilized in lieu of bulgur because it seems to be identical, mixes neatly with roasted greens and salads, and does no longer overpower different parts.

2. Millet

Bulgur could also be changed with total grain millet, an historic grain common in Asia and Africa.

Antioxidants and nutrients give a contribution to it being a wholesome supply of protein and different vitamins.

The foremost markets for this product are in Africa and Asia.

Millets have a dietary profile very similar to sorghum and different grains.

Round, nutty-flavored millet grains supply a nutty-flavored chewiness and texture.

Although no longer as well known as rice or quinoa, this grain could be very flexible and simple to cook dinner.

3. Rice

Rice is a not unusual factor in a lot of our favourite cuisines.

Most folks get it since it’s extensively out there of their native markets.

Rice is available in more than a few sorts, together with white and brown rice, either one of that are nutritious.

Rice could also be used instead of bulgur in any recipe that requires it.

Brown rice has a nuttier taste and texture than white rice, and it takes longer to cook dinner since the bran layer and nutrient-rich germ keep intact during cooking.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa accommodates all 9 important amino acids, in addition to different minerals and antioxidants.

Quinoa and bulgur have dietary profiles, purposes, and well being advantages which are identical sufficient that they could also be substituted for one every other.

Quinoa is flexible, since it can be utilized in each candy and savory cuisines.

Quinoa has a style and texture similar to brown rice, however with a nutty taste added.

Quinoa gives a similar textural profile and dietary benefits when utilized in salads, soups, and stews.

Unlike bulgur, which contains gluten, quinoa is acceptable for gluten-sensitive individuals.

Quinoa takes an identical quantity of time to cook dinner as bulgur, but it surely has a extra subtle taste.

5. Farro

Farro could also be used instead of bulgur in a lot of foods and is a brilliant possibility for on-the-go lunches.

Farro is a wheat-based substitute for bulgur wheat on account of its distinct, nutty style and well being benefits.

Farro could also be substituted for bulgur in salads, soups, and different meals to spice up their dietary content material.

Cooking with out pre-soaking, however, would possibly take longer.

To expedite the cooking procedure, soak the meal for a minimum of one night time.


Bulgur is a parboiled, cracked wheat cereal grain with a average style very similar to quinoa or couscous.

Though this is a superb supplement to a lot of cuisines, it can be tough to find at your native retailer.

We hope this checklist of bulgur choices is helping you pick out what to take a look at subsequent.



What is more healthy than bulgur?

Both mavens agree that quinoa and bulgur are wholesome alternatives, however they supply distinct dietary advantages. “Quinoa has extra protein than bulgur, however bulgur has extra fiber,” explains Gorin. Finally, each are superb additions to any meal—all of it comes down to private opinion.

What is equal to bulgur wheat?

Substitutes for Bulgur

Cracked wheat: Cracked wheat is indubitably your perfect wager. Bulgur and damaged wheats are virtually similar, with out the parboiling. Just issue within the overtime it’s going to take to cook dinner cracked wheat.

Is couscous higher than bulgur wheat?

Bulgur wins when it comes to basic well being! This bulgur is the more healthy possibility because it has much less energy, extra fiber, and extra micronutrients (all as a result of it’s total grain).

What is every other title for bulgur wheat?

Bulgur is often referred to as wheat groats. (The title “groats” refers to hulled grains comparable to oats, rye, and barley, in addition to wheat.) Bulgur is produced from durum (laborious) wheat and is damaged and partially boiled earlier than packing.

What is the most productive exchange for bulgur?

What Can I Use in Place of Bulgur?
Quinoa. Quinoa is a gluten-free selection to bulgur wheat with similar well being benefits.
Wheat that has been cracked.
Berries produced from wheat.

What is the healthiest grain possibility?

According to nutritionist Malena Perdomo, MS, RDN, CDE, those are the 11 healthiest grains to devour.
01 of eleven. Barley, quantity two of 11. Amaranth. 04 of eleven. Quinoa. 03 of eleven. Buckwheat (5 of eleven), Teff (6 of eleven), Oats (7 of eleven), Farro (8 of eleven). Wheat groats.

Who must no longer devour bulgur wheat?

Bulgur is a wheat product, thus somebody with wheat allergic reactions or gluten intolerance must steer clear of it. Instead, children would possibly devour a lot of other gluten-free grains (23).

Is bulgur the similar as couscous?

Bulgur is a type of cracked, partially cooked, and dried total wheat grain. Couscous is a coarsely overwhelmed wheat product this is usually known as a bit of type of pasta.

How does bulgur examine to quinoa?

Bulgur and quinoa resemble one different in look. The difference is that bulgur is a precooked cracked wheat, whilst quinoa is a seed. Quinoa is extra nutritionally wealthy than rice, consistent with the vitamin comparability.

Which is more healthy brown rice or bulgur?

Bulgur has a dietary benefit over brown rice.

Bulgur outperforms fiber-rich brown rice when it comes to vitamin, with greater than two times the fiber and 4 occasions the folate! Bulgur could also be utilized in recipes that decision for transformed rice and is extra nutritious than rice.

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