Best Gas Grills Under $300

7 Best Gas Grills Under $300

Gas grills are great. However, they are way better if you can get them in a not-so-expensive manner.

Of course, that's not some cheap marketing ploy. There are indeed the best gas grills under 300 that you can opt if you want a high-quality but don't want to spend too much. And sure enough, all of those reputable grill manufacturers have something to offer to you on this particular price range.


So if you are interested in these highly-efficient mid-level grills, then the reviews below would be a good help for you. Check them out now!




Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill
Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill- Stainless steel
Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill, Black
Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill, Four-Burner
Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill with VersaStand, Red
Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Propane Gas Grill, Dark Gray
Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

The first one that I am going to feature here is this unit from Weber. The Weber Q1000 is an intuitive gas grill that possesses a myriad of functions for more convenient grilling.

Based on its compact design, the original purpose of this grill is for tailgate parties and outdoor picnics. However, even within your premises, this grill can still do the job right.

It has a cooking surface of 189 square inches, which is enough to cook five to six burgers at a time. You will also love its non-stick porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates. They ensure that whatever food you prepare in the grill, no stick residues will be present. That contributes to the easy clean-up of the grill.

The quality of the Weber Q1000 is also seen on its durable construction. Both the body and the lid are tailored from cast aluminum. This material is not only durable but also contributes to the optimal heating of the grill.

To make things better, the Weber Q1000 gives a maximum of 8,500 BTUs of heat. It never lacked the power to heat and grill your favorite barbecues, patties, and vegetables. There are control burner valve settings so that you can adjust the temperature of the grill to your liking.

Whether you are an expert pitmaster or just a simple lover of grilled delicacies, the Weber Q1000 is surely a choice you will never regret. Check and see how this grill can surpass your expectations!


  • Includes precise heat control
  • All parts are made from durable materials
  • Each half of the grill has independent burners
  • Includes a push-button ignition system
  • Highly portable and compact construction.


  • Can't accommodate large fuel tanks.
Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill- Stainless steel

If you want something that stays in your backyard, the Char-Broil Performance 300 is definitely a good choice. This one has a two-burner cabinet grill design. When the burners are cranked at the highest setting, they can produce up to 24,000 BTUs of grilling power.

I can guarantee that this grill is made for large parties and gatherings. With its 300 square inches of cooking surface, there's no food that you can't cook here. Even large slabs and chunks of meat can be grilled into perfection here.

Meanwhile, the seamless stainless steel lid of Performance 300 is an excellent means for smoking food. Coupled with the fact that it comes with burner controls, you can always set the grill to the right level of heat for the recipes you are making.

Same as the first grill that I featured, the Performance 300 offers porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. Aside from being rust-resistant, the grates are also impervious to being damaged by rust and extremely high temperatures. It doesn't warp or dent at all.

The electronic ignition system of this grill makes it very simple to use. You don't need years of experience before you can utilize this ergonomic grill properly. There's no need to use matches, too!

Get this grill now, and you will be blown away by its hefty features!


  • Features four caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Offers spacious cooking area
  • Ideal for both smoking and grilling
  • Includes a swing-away warming rack
  • Comes with rust-resistant metal shelves that you can use for food preparations.


  • There's inconsistency on the flames
  • The grids of the grate are spaced a little far from one another.
Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill, Black

The Char-Griller E3001 is a great grill within the threshold of the price range. It features some of the qualities of high-end grills, which is one of the reasons why many pitmasters are seeking it.

Speaking from personal experience, the grill itself is a manifestation of craftsmanship and finesse. It has a design that is reminiscent of the traditional grills. However, the ergonomics that it possesses are modern and almost automated already. The inclusion of a push-button ignition is proof that this one offers no hassle on its use.

Sure enough, the power of this grill is not lacking. It can produce up to 40,800 BTUs, which is more than enough for various grilling purposes. As long as you have sufficient fuel, the Char-Griller E3001 can run extensively without losing its consistency.

Keep in mind that this grill offers more than 400 square inches of cooking space. If you have an upcoming backyard party or picnic, getting this one ahead would be an excellent investment.

Of course, I can certify that the grill has a superb construction. It is an outdoor-worthy device that requires no constant care and attention. All the parts are powder coated so that the elements won't get in the way.

Meanwhile, its cast-iron grates have non-stick properties. Food residues won't stick to the grid, which ensures easier clean-up after your party.

It would really be best if you can check out this grill by yourself. I have used it several times, and it is one of those mid-entry grills that left me with good impressions.


  • Includes internal thermometer and heat controllers
  • Burners can produce high levels of heat
  • Features a cart design for enhanced mobility
  • Comes with a built-in warming racks
  • Fully weatherproof construction.


  • It takes time to assemble it
  • It is difficult to shut the fuel tank when the grill is already hot.
Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill, Four-Burner

Of course, I know that some of you are searching for multi-functional gas grills. After all, it is quite evident that our appetite has been upgraded, too.

If that's your requirement now, then I suggest that you take a look at the Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill. Without any exaggerations, this is one of the best gas grills that you can get in the market today.

It enables versatility in your cooking, as proven by the presence of four independent burners. Each of these burners can generate up to 11,000 BTUs each when you take that into account, the actual maximum heating capacity of this grill is 44,000 BTU. That rating does not go behind other commercial gas grills.

Aside from that, the grill also offers full control to its users. The burners are independent of one another. They have separate control knobs for their temperature adjustments. Meanwhile, this unit also includes a twist-start ignition system.

Just like most of the full-size grills, the Cuisinart CGG-7400 offers a large cooking space. Specifically, this unit offers up to 443 square inches of cast-iron grates, where you can create your favorite barbecues and burgers!

Aside from the main grilling platform, there's also a warming rack installed on this grill. With this, you can make your food hot and fresh all the time! Side shelves are also part of the package.

Once you can try this grill, you can never get enough of it!


  • Heavy-duty construction; doesn't have wobbly or flimsy parts
  • Includes a simple twist-button for its ignition
  • Offers four independent burners
  • Caster wheels and legs make it stable and portable
  • Guaranteed heating consistency.


  • The vents are quite sharp and can cause serious wounds.
Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill with VersaStand, Red

Is portability the thing that you want for your next grill? Do you want something that you can take to any tailgate party?

If that's the case, then the Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill is the perfect option for you! You see, this grill has been designed with mobility in mind. Even if it is durable, the grill is downright light and can be carried even by a child.

It also includes a collapsible leg design so that you can erect it upright whenever you want. Of course, the legs are durable and stable enough to conquer any platform.

While it is true that there's a limit to its cooking space, the grill is still generous enough to serve two to three people. Its grilling performance is also admirable, too, thanks to the precision and efficiency of its burner controls.

When cranked at maximum, the Cuisinart CGG-180 can produce up to 5,500 BTUs of heat. That is not as big as compared to what those full-size grills can offer. But hey, it is more than enough for making delectable grilled veggies and meat!


  • You can transport it virtually anywhere
  • Can either be used as freestanding or tabletop
  • Offers a push-button ignition system
  • Surprisingly durable construction
  • Setup is simple and free of any fuss.


  • Limited space for grilling.
Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

The Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grill is another option that you should seriously consider. From its appearance alone, you'll know that this grill is engineered with precision. It can ensure that you will be satisfied with whatever recipe you come up with.

Despite its seemingly commercial appearance, this grill is actually easy to use. All the controls are through buttons and knobs. You don't have to do manual tweaking to achieve the desired taste and results that you want.

It can make evenly cooked barbecues every single time. It comes with three independent burners so that you can make different recipes at once. Of course, the space that it provides is genuinely generous. With its 450 square inches of cooking space, it can cater to large batches of food in a single go.

The prowess of this grill is also due to its high heating output. Throughout the spread, the device can provide up to 24,000 BTUs. To make things even better, there are also side burners on this grill, which produce up to 10,000 BTUs of heat.

But because it is using TRU-Infrared technology, this Char-Broil grill is efficient in preventing flare-ups. As a result, no parts of the meat or veggies will be burned. It won't dry them, too, which allows tasting incredibly juicy delicacies.

With its given features, it is not so difficult for anyone to like this grill. It is ergonomic and fully functional. For backyard grilling and outdoor parties, this unit is definitely a huge catch!


  • Includes a highly reliable push-button ignition system
  • Comes with a swing-away warming rack
  • Grilling grates are porcelain-coated for optimal resistance to rust
  • TRU-Infrared technology ensures that your food is evenly cooked
  • Highly portable; comes with huge heavy-duty caster wheels.


  • Not the most durable gas grill in this list.
Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Propane Gas Grill, Dark Gray

One of the unique gas grills that I've encountered is the Fuego F21C-H. Specifically, this one features a new hinged design that sets the lid at a 45-degree angle. This particular construction will prevent you from getting caught with the fire and hot smoke. Furthermore, you don't have to touch its lid whenever you want to open or close it.

According to its manufacturer, the dual burner system of this grill can produce 22,000 BTUs of heat per hour. You can adjust its heating output so that you can either do various grilling styles. Furthermore, it has been emphasized that this unit can crank up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in as fast as 5 minutes. This is an insane feature because not all gas grills can do it. Overall, the maximum temperature that it can reach is 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite its impeccable power, it is notable that the Fuego F21C-H Propane Gas Grill is compact. In fact, if you want something that is a space saver, this should be your first choice. Unlike other units that have been designed horizontally, this one has a more upright and vertical construction. It is a perfect option if the space in your balcony or patio is limited.

But of course, nobody can downplay its cooking surface. Specifically, the grill offers up to 346 square inches of grilling space. Meanwhile, the grids of the grates are closed together so that your food won't fall if things get too juicy.

You will not encounter any difficulties in moving this gas grill. On its base, four lockable wheels help you transport this item wherever you are. In fact, you can even take it to your tailgate parties!


  • Heats up pretty quickly
  • Features an ergonomic hinged lid design
  • Comes with an intuitive residue removal system
  • Dual-zone burners enable direct and indirect grilling
  • A guaranteed space saver.


  • The metal used on it is quite thin.


The best gas grills under 300 are worth pursuing, especially for those who don't want to spend excessively. They are your most suitable option for a cost-efficient but highly convenient way of grilling sumptuous delicacies.

The options that I featured, like the Weber Q1000 and the Char-Griller E3001, are proof that you can become a pitmaster even with just the use of budget-friendly grills.

That's it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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