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7 Best Ginger Beer To Try Out If You Are Up For Something New

If you enjoy drinks with a unique twist to it, then you might just love having a bottle of ginger beer. Though they aren’t alcoholic, the taste of ginger beer has a kick to it that quenches both your thirst and soothes the palate. It is fun to mix with hard liquor such as whiskey, rum or vodka. But it’s also enjoyed just as it is especially if it’s ice cold.


There are many brands and types of ginger beer. We have here 5 of the best ginger beer you can try out. They’re deliciously refreshing that by the end of this guide, you might have this as a favorite drink from now on.





375 ML


12 US. fl. oz.


200 ML


500 ML


11 Oz.


12 fl. Oz.


12 fl. Oz.


  • Weight: 375 ML
  • Type: Non-Alcoholic

Bundaberg’s ginger beer is packaged in a fancy yet vintage bottle that you won’t ever miss it when you look for this type of drink in grocery stores. You won’t need a bottle opener as well since it comes with an easy rip tab.

The drink has a strong gingery flavor to it. Bundaberg recommends for you to flip the bottle before opening it to see bits of the ginger pieces they used. Their ingredients include natural flavors such as ginger root and cane sugar.

Bundaberg’s ginger beer is best taken as is rather than to mix it with other hard drinks. But if you would still like to use it for your preferred hard liquor, you may still do so. This drink is non-alcoholic and comes in a diet flavor if you would like to have it with less sugar content.


  • The bottle is aesthetically pleasing
  • The bottle has an easy rip tab
  • It has a strong ginger flavor.


  • The regular flavor can be too sweet.
Barritt's Original Ginger Beer, Non-Alcoholic Soda Cocktail Mixer, 12 fl oz Cans, 12 Pack
  • Weight: 12 US. fl. oz.
  • Type: Non-Alcoholic

Most ginger beers have a strong spice to it that it could only be enjoyed simply with a glass of ice. But with Barritt’s Bermuda, their ginger beer is considerably mild that you can still use it to mix with other hard liquors.

Do not be discouraged though. Just because we described it as mild, it does not mean there is no spicy and gingery taste. The ginger flavor is still distinct but it easily blends well and complements other alcoholic beverages.

Barritt’s Bermuda also has a version of this ginger beer that is sugar-free so you can enjoy this drink without worrying about its high sugar content. But if that doesn’t bother you at all, go ahead and try the regular one to taste the natural flavor of Barritt's Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer.


  • It is affordable
  • It can be mixed with other drinks.


  • It uses high fructose corn syrup and artificial ginger flavoring.
Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer, No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavourings or Preservatives, 6.8 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)
  • Weight: 200 ML
  • Type: Non-Alcoholic

Fever-Tree is one ginger beer brand that knows what it is doing. To start, they brew their signature gingers for 24 hours. These gingers all have unique tastes. One is green ginger from the Ivory Coast, another is a chocolatey ginger from Cochin, India, and the last one is an aromatic ginger from Nigeria. The result of such a combination is a refreshing and zesty ginger beer.

The taste of this drink is not too sweet. You will also feel the kick of the ginger once it hits the back of your throat. It gives off a warm and soothing feeling. It is also perfect to mix with other drinks. The ingredients include natural ginger flavor as well as ginger root.

If you want to try out drinking ginger beer for the first time, Fever-Tree’s Premium Ginger Beer is a good brand to start.


  • It contains natural ginger ingredients
  • The design and packaging are aesthetically pleasing
  • You can also have the option to choose a light ginger beer flavor if you want this drink to taste less sweet.


  • There are reports of this ginger beer tasting a little bitter.
Q Mixers Ginger Beer, Premium Cocktail Mixer, 500 mL (6 Bottles)
  • Weight: 500 ML
  • Type: Non-Alcoholic

You can tell by the name of Q Mixers Ginger Beer what this drink is for. This ginger beer is meant for mixing into drinks such as whiskey, rum, and vodka. The taste is spicier and more carbonated than most ginger beers but it is also less sweet so that the flavor is not ruined when you mix it with liquor.

What we love about Q Mixer’s Ginger Beer is the ingredients in the drink. It is made with extracts of lime, cardamom, coriander, and ginger. It is also worth mentioning that the drink uses organic agave as a sweetener which is healthier than corn syrup or sugar.

Q Mixer’s promises you thicker carbonation, real ginger, and spices when mixing your drinks with their ginger beer that what you get is a real drink to get you started for whatever party you’re in for the night.


  • It uses organic agave as a sweetener
  • It is spicier so you can taste most of the flavor.


  • It is expensive.
Royalty Ginger Beer 11oz - (4 Pack)
  • Weight: 11 Oz.
  • Type: Non-Alcoholic

Royalty’s ginger beer is the go-to drink for when you are craving something strong in flavor. It is also deliciously sweet. The ginger taste can be felt as it slides down your throat, leaving a soothing sensation.

It is not recommended as a mixer for drinks. Royalty’s ginger beer is best-enjoyed ice cold. It is also an affordable ginger beer if you’re looking to try out one for the first time.


  • It is affordable.


  • There are reports of this drink being too sweet.
Saranac World Famous Hand-Crafted Ginger Beer Soda Soft Drink, 12 fl oz (12 Glass Bottles)
  • Weight: 12 fl. Oz.
  • Type: Non-Alcoholic

Looking for a caffeine-free ginger beer? Saranac should be able to satisfy you. Their ginger beer has a tart and gingery taste that many love. You can use this drink to mix it with hard liquor or you can take this drink straight from the bottle.

It is worth mentioning that Saranac also offers a diet version of their ginger beer if you are looking for lower sugar content than their regular one.


  • It is affordable
  • It is caffeine-free.


  • Its sugar content is a bit high.
Maine Root Hand Crafted Ginger Brew Soda, 12 fl oz (24 Glass Bottles)
  • Weight: 12 fl. Oz.
  • Type: Non-Alcoholic

Craving for a ginger drink that is organic and caffeine-free? Maine Root’s ginger beer should do the trick. It’s made with organic cane sugar with spices that is akin to having a ginger taste. It’s also very fizzy giving you that bubbly gingery drink you’ve always wanted.

It is also worth mentioning that Maine Root is known for crafting several drinks other than ginger beer with the use of organic ingredients if ever you’re in need of a substitute.


  • They use organic cane juice
  • It has a fizzy and bubbly characteristic.


  • There is no mention of the use of ginger in their ingredients. Only spices.

What Is Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer is a carbonated drink made with real ginger that’s fermented with yeast. It has a strong ginger flavor and is cloudy yellow. Some ginger beers will have bits of ginger floating around in them so don’t worry if you see it in your drink.

Most mocktails use ginger beer instead of tonic water as their base for mixing drinks such as a Moscow mule although most ginger beers are enjoyed as is.

Is Ginger Beer Alcoholic?

In the past around the time of Queen Victoria, ginger beer was alcoholic. It had an alcohol level of 4-5%. But these days, modern ginger beer only contains 0.5% alcohol which meets the FDA requirements of labeling it as a non-alcoholic beverage.

Ginger Beer VS Ginger Ale

By now, you should know that there is a difference between ginger beer and ginger ale. But if we were to put it simply, ginger beer is a much stronger ginger ale with a robust ginger flavor. Ginger ale is also closer to being a soft drink than being a beer since it is not fermented with yeast. It is also lighter in color and more carbonated than ginger beer.

Ginger Beer Buying Guide

Not all ginger beer is brewed the same. It is important to read the labels and descriptions of ginger beer before buying a case of it. Here are a few factors you should take into consideration when buying ginger beer for the first time.

Sugar Level

Ginger beer is known to be sweetened with sugar. But sometimes, the sugar content of a ginger beer can be too high that it’s not considered healthy.

Do read the ingredients on the back of the can or bottle. Check out the words included such as high fructose corn syrup, sugar, cane juice, agave, or stevia. The healthiest one would have to be agave or stevia.

You may also opt to go for the diet versions of the drink so as not to raise your sugar levels too much.


Some ginger beer brands package their drinks in different sizes. For instance, you may come across a 200 ML ginger beer but there is also a 500ML one if you’d like a bigger batch. Be sure to check the product and read the label so you know what size you are getting before purchasing it.

Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic

Most modern ginger beers are considered non-alcoholic. However, there are alcoholic ginger beers on the market as well. Read the label so that you’ll know the alcohol content of a certain ginger beer. If it is not mentioned, then it is non-alcoholic.

Ginger Ingredient

You’ll be surprised to find that not all ginger beer have ginger on their list of ingredients. Some ginger beers will only have artificial ginger flavor and that’s not the real thing. Always go for a ginger beer that includes real ginger or has ginger root in them. This will have a strong spicy flavor and this way you’re assured that you’re drinking real brewed ginger beer.

Bottle Cap or Rip Tab

Some ginger beers are packaged in bottles wherein the caps are rip tabs. This makes it easier for you to open up a bottle if you pack these ginger beers for trips. Some bottles are capped in the usual way so you need a bottle opener for this one.


Ginger beers are sometimes sold by packs of 4, 6, 12 or 24. Sometimes, the more you buy, the lesser the price. So if you love ginger beer, compare the prices and see which batch you can get a better deal from. But if you’re only trying this out for the first time, you can get a pack of 4 or buy just a single bottle.

FAQs on Ginger Beer

Do you still want to know more about ginger beer? Here are a few answers to your curious questions.

- Is ginger beer good for you?

It has long been known that ginger is healthy for the body as it fights off stomach problems and eases nausea. This is why many brew ginger tea whenever they feel sick. However, drinking ginger beer to combat digestion problems may not be as effective as taking ginger water or tea.

Ginger beer is considered healthier than other sodas because it uses real ingredients such as ginger root. But the high level of sugar involved in making ginger beer is the downside to it. To enjoy this drink in its healthiest form, you can make ginger beer at home so you can adjust the sugar levels. You can also opt for a diet ginger beer that has less sugar.

- What is the best brand of ginger beer?

There is no official best brand of ginger beer since there are many delicious tasting ginger beers on the market. But if we were to base it on Amazon’s top list, it would have to be Fever-Tree’s Premium Ginger Beer which we reviewed and provided the link above on our best ginger beer review.

- What is ginger beer good for?

Ginger beer is known to have a spicy yet soothing taste just like eating real ginger. Though sweetened, it still gives off a nice kick to your taste buds. It’s a good drink to have when you’re hosting a barbecue party, it helps ease nausea, and it’s a suitable replacement for alcoholic beverages.

This drink is also ideal for when you want to mix hard liquor with. Since tonic water can be mild on the taste, ginger beer is stronger and is bursting with flavor.

Also, ginger beer can be used as an ingredient in cooking such as making pulled pork.

- Do you use alcoholic ginger beer for Moscow Mule?

A Moscow mule is a cocktail that uses ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice. It’s a zesty drink with a certain heat to it due to the ginger beer.

You don’t have to use alcoholic ginger beer but if you’d like you can use that as well. Just know that you are also using vodka which is already alcoholic.

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- Is ginger beer good for your stomach?

The phenolic compounds of ginger are helpful in relieving stomach problems. But it should be noted that ginger beers that use artificial flavors rather than real ginger may not help much. Since it is also mixed with sugar, it’s also not considered healthier than if you take ginger tea for a stomach problem.

- Is ginger beer good for high blood pressure?

Though ginger is known to lower high blood pressure, there aren’t enough studies to show that ginger beer does the same thing as well. This is because the content of ginger in ginger beer is not that high as compared to taking brewed ginger tea or adding ginger to your cooked meals.

- Is ginger beer good for acid reflux?

Ginger tea is recommended for people with acid reflux. It helps calm the stomach and reduces stomach acid production. However, ginger beer may not help since it is a carbonated drink which is one of the things you should avoid when you have acid reflux.

Acid reflux can be a problem. It is best to visit your doctor to give you a proper list of what you can take and what food or drink to avoid.

In conclusion, ginger beer is an ideal drink for those looking for something with a nice kick to their taste buds. It’s also a great mixer for cocktails because of the strong ginger flavor it contains. The best ginger beer will have real ginger root added in their ingredients so keep a lookout for those to enjoy the most out of your drink.

Are you a fan of ginger beer? Which ones on the list were your favorites? We’d love to hear from you.

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