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10 Best Under Sink Water Filter You Need

One of the things you probably never thought to ask yourself is, do you need an under sink water filter? In the U.S., it is known that water from the tap is considered safe and clean. But just how clean do you think it is when it travels through old pipes and reaches your home? Is it still free from toxins by the time it reaches you?


To reassure yourself that what you’re drinking from the tap is clean water, you need an under sink water filter installed in your home. We have here 10 best under sink water filter that is easy to install, ranges from expensive to affordable ones, and all reviewed with their pros and cons to better understand this contraption and how you and your family can benefit from having it.

APEC Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ESSENCE ROES-PH75)

APEC Water System’s promises “bottled water quality in your home” with their under sink water filter system. They clean your water in just five stages that’s easy to understand.

First, when water comes in, the filter system removes dust and large particles such as rust. The second and third stages of the water filter process remove odor, chemicals, color, and chlorine. The fourth stage involves removing salts, chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, and radioactive particles. This stage also lowers down finer pollutants to 0.0001 microns. What you get in the fifth stage is where they polish off the water for it to be potable.

What you get when you purchase APEC Water System’s under sink water filter are FDA-certified JG food grade parts and tubing as well as a 100% lead-free faucet. All the parts supplied are made of high-quality material that is designed and engineered in the U.S.

APEC Water System has had 20 years of experience in providing clean water to different households, so you know you’re in good hands if you try their under sink water filter out.


  • Your purchase includes a lead-free faucet
  • It can remove 99% arsenic, lead, fluoride, and other toxins
  • The filter adds calcium carbonate during the alkalization stage that is reported to improve smell and taste
  • It is NSF-certified.


  • There are reports that this under sink water filter has a higher water waste output.
Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Home Master is one under sink water filter that is considered to have a better water system than most ones offered in the market. The design of their system aims to solve problems that are commonly found in traditional water filter systems.

To start, Home Master solves canister leak problems by designing their filter and filter housing as one so you can change this annually. It is also hygienic as compared to waiting every 5 years to change the filter and housing separately in most common water filter systems.

Home Master also solves the problem of slow water flow that stems from small fittings in the usual water filter systems. Their system uses large fittings and tubing which results in faster and stronger flow.

Do you also find yourself calling a plumber since you can’t twist or change a filter? With Home Master’s modular all-in-one fittings, you can do these by yourself thereby eliminating the problem of looking for plumbing services.

Home Master has a patented Full Contact Technology that does not make use of a post-filter that results in acidic water. Their water filter system goes through a re-mineralization process twice that adds calcium and magnesium which makes water taste cleaner and better.

Get pure mineral drinking water on tap with Home Master’s under sink water filter. It’s easy to install.


  • It has a low water waste output
  • It has a faster flow from larger fittings and tubing
  • It can be easily installed without the need for heavy-duty equipment
  • It is NSF-certified.


  • It’s expensive than most under sink water filter systems.
CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter - 50K Ultra High Capacity - Made in USA

CuZn’s water filter is a simple contraption that does not involve any intimidating setup. It can be installed either on your cold water line or hot water line under the sink.

A 3-stage filtration process makes up CuZn’s water filter system. The first one is the outermost filter wherein micro sediment membranes are found. This is in charge of filtering out rust, plastic fibers, and sand. The second process involves targeting chemicals found in water such as pesticides, chloramine, herbicides, and chlorine. This process also deals with eliminating any foreign odor and taste. The third and final process involves going through a layer of KDF 55 to remove lead or mercury. This process removes any algae or bacteria.

What’s worth noting about CuZn’s water filter is that it allows magnesium and calcium to pass so what you get is healthy mineral drinking water from a compact water filter system.


  • This filter can last 5 years or 50,000 gallons
  • The design is compact
  • It can be easily installed
  • It removes toxins and chemicals
  • It is NSF-certified.


  • It will not reduce Total Dissolved Solids.
iSpring US31 3-Stage Under Sink High Capacity Tankless Drinking Water Filtration System-Includes Sediment 2X CTO Carbon Block Filters (Newest Version)

iSpring’s US31 is a simple under sink water filter system that’s affordable to use and easy enough to install in your home. It has a 3-stage filtration process that gives you clean drinking water by the end of it.

The first stage makes use of a sediment filter that removes sand, dirt, rust, dust, and other particles present in your water. It then goes through a CTO carbon filter that removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine, volatile organic compound, and other factors that cause taste and odor. The last stage then filters residual chlorine and other elements that have not been filtered by the previous two stages.

What comes with your iSpring US31 purchase aside from the under sink water filter is a brushed nickel all-metal faucet. This water filter system is safe to use, NSF-certified and is guaranteed to provide you water that’s potable for your family.


  • It is NSF-certified
  • It can be easily installed
  • It comes with a brushed nickel all-metal faucet
  • It follows a simple 3-stage filtration process.


  • It can only be installed upright and leaves no room for versatility
  • It produces a low water flow.
Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink Filter System

Another compact and easy to install water filter on our list is Doulton’s W9330958. This under sink water filter conveniently removes any toxins making your water suitable for drinking.

Doulton’s W9330958 uses a 4-stage process of filtration. The first stage allows water to pass through a carbon block filter that removes particles, bacteria, unwanted taste, and bad odors. The second stage helps sterilize the water. The third stage removes chlorine and goes through another filter for any odors and tastes that were not filtered in the first stage. The last stage reduces or eliminates heavy metals so that your water is drinkable.

This filter is compact and does not need any extra tools and add-ons to install it.


  • This filter is durable
  • The filter’s design is compact
  • It is NSF-certified.


  • It is not suitable for homes with lots of family members.
Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration System, Easy to Install, Reduces 0.5 Microns Sediment and Chlorine Taste & Odor, Includes 6 Month Filter (3US-PS01). Manufactured by 3M.

We understand how water filter systems can be expensive. So if you’re on a tight budget, Filtrete is a great under sink water filter you can try out.

Filtrete does not require any advanced knowledge on water filtration systems. It’s easy to install within 30 minutes and does not require the use of a separate faucet. All you have to do is hook up your water line underneath your sink to the compact filter and you’ll get clean drinking water afterward.

This water filter system comes in standard or advanced. Both can remove chlorine taste in water and removes bad odors. It also filters out sand, silt, soil, sediment, and rust. The Filtrete Advanced removes parasitic cysts.

What is worth mentioning about this filter system is that it doesn’t reduce the water flow, unlike some filters in the market. So what you get is a simple, easy to use and install, compact under sink water filter that’s friendly on the pockets.

The filters used by this system can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water. This means you will have to change them once this volume of water is filtered, or after 6 months have passed.


  • It is NSF-certified
  • It is easy to install
  • It filters out sediments, bad odors, and unwanted tastes.


  • This filter needs to be changed after 6 months or when you’ve consumed about 10,000 gallons of water
  • There are some reports that this filter does not even last 6 months if your water needs to be heavily filtered.
Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System - WQA Certified – USA Made Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Under Sink Water Filter - Removes Chlorine, Lead, Chromium 6, Heavy Metals, Odors/Contaminants

Woder’s under sink water filter system is an ideal water filter for under $100. It is compact, easy to install, and removes up to 99.9% of heavy metals, lead, chlorine, mercury, carcinogens, chromium 6, and other known contaminants. What you get are essential minerals at the end of the filter process such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

This water filter system does not need any advanced setup. You can easily hook this up to your cold water line. It does not come with a separate faucet. What you get is a no-frills water filter system that doesn’t compromise water flow.

Do note that Woder’s under sink water filter is meant to be used with municipally treated water and not with well water. This filter can also be changed every 3 years or when it has filtered over 8,480 gallons of water.

Say goodbye to bad odors and taste in your tap water and say hello to clean potable drinking water with the use of Woder in the comforts of your own home.


  • This filter system removes the toxins from your water but leaves you with essential minerals
  • It is easy to install
  • It is NSF-certified.


  • It is only meant to be used with municipally treated water
  • Although it is advertised to last for 3 years, there are reports that this filter system needs to be changed after a few months.
Culligan US 1 EZ-Change Under-Sink Drinking Water Filtration System with Dedicated Faucet and Filter, 3,000 Gallon, Chrome

Reduce the amount of chlorine found in your tap water by 99% and particulates by 97% with Culligan’s EZ-Change under sink water filter system. This easy to install filter is compact and provides clean drinking water in your homes.

Along with a dedicated faucet, this filter system removes bad odors and taste commonly found in unclean tap water. The filter life of Culligan’s US-1 can last for 12 months or around 3,000 gallons.

The filter cartridge is easy to detach and replace. Just twist and pull it off. There’s no need to call your plumber since no heavy-duty equipment is needed to hook up this under sink water filter.

With Culligan’s filter, you and your family are safe from contaminants and can enjoy clean drinking water conveniently.


  • It is NSF-certified
  • Changing filters is easy with a simple twist and pull.


  • Despite Culligan advertising their filter as easy to install, there are still reports that many find this difficult to set up in their own homes.
Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Purifier Filtration System with Kitchen Faucet and Extra Filter Cartridge - Blue

EcoSoft follows a 3 stage filtration process when you use their filter system for your own home. The first stage reduces rust, sand, and other insoluble compounds. The second stage reduces chlorine and other toxic heavy metals such as lead and copper. The third stage then removes the bad taste and odor from tap water for it to be potable for users.

You don’t have to worry about installation since EcoSoft already provides you with the necessary parts and tubing. It also comes with a sleek and modern chrome faucet for your use.

What’s worth mentioning about EcoSoft’s water filter system is that the material they use is 100% BPA-free. You’ll also be saving the environment once you use their filter system since you won’t have the need of buying bottled water.

Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Purifier Filtration System is both ideal for home use and commercial use.


  • It is NSF-certified
  • It is affordable considering it is also for commercial use
  • The 3 stage process helps filter out particles, bad chemicals, odors, and taste.


  • There are reports that this filter system’s parts do not fit on a standard sink valve.
Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System-High Capacity Direct Connect Under Counter Drinking Water Filtration System-0.5 Micron Quick Change Removes 99.99% Lead, Chlorine, Bad Taste & Odor.

If you’re looking for a water filter system that can remove 99.99% of lead, then you might want to check out Frizzlife. Their water filter system removes chlorine, chromium 6, heavy metals, rust, mercury, carcinogens, volatile organic compounds, and other toxins. This filter also removes bad tastes and odors so what you get by the end of the filtration process is clean tasting water from the tap.

Frrizzlife’s filter can be used for every 1,600 gallons of water or around 2 years. However, Frizzlife recommends replacing the filter every 6 to 8 months to get the most out of it.

What’s worth mentioning about Frizzlife’s filter is how the only thing you need to replace is the core filter and not the whole cartridge. Since cartridges are usually made from plastic, throwing them away can sometimes lead to numerous wastes. With only the core filter replaced, you’ll still get to use the cartridge casing thereby saving money and helping the environment.


  • It is NSF-certified
  • The core filter is the only thing that needs to be replaced.


  • There are reports that this water filter is difficult to install.

What Is An Under Sink Water Filter?

What Is An Under Sink Water Filter?

An under sink water filter is a small filter system that you hook up to under your sink to be able to turn tap water into potable drinking water. These water filter systems are not to be confused with a water distiller. An under sink water filter may have three cartridges where different filters work to clean your water while other filter systems only have one cartridge.

Some filter systems also provide their faucets to use rather than use your existing ones. However, most filter systems are upgraded to be compatible with many faucets so you don’t have to install a new one.

Many households make use of a water filter since they would like to be more assured that the water that comes from their tap is clean. Old pipes from the source to your faucet can sometimes contain toxins so installing a water filter helps in eliminating them.

How Does An Under Sink Water Filter Work?

There are some under sink water filters that have a three to four-stage filtration process with the use of different cartridges. The process is the same and they include thoroughly cleaning out tap water to make it potable.

The first stage deals in cleaning out any particles that may have attached to your tap water. This includes rust, sediments, silt, soil, and other large particles. The filter removes them to make way for the second stage.

The second stage includes filtering out bad chemicals and toxins that are found in your tap water. Chemicals such as chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, chloramine, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals are removed.

The third and final stage is filtering out what is left such as eliminating bad tastes and odors but keeping in the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium so you have clean and healthy drinking water.

Under Sink Water Filter Buying Guide

If you’re planning to get an under sink water filter, there are many factors you need to know before investing in one.


Having an NSF-certified under sink water filter is a great way to know if your filter is dependable and durable. The NSF or the National Sanitation Foundation is an organization that gives standards for sanitation and food safety that encourages clean public health.

Under sink water filters that are NSF-certified means, all their materials used have passed the standards in helping to keep your water clean so that it does not contaminate your food and your health. An NSF certification also means that the design, performance, and construction of the under sink water filter is approved by the FDA.

So before you purchase your filter, be sure to read the product label or ask the manufacturer for any certification. You may also look for a WQA certification or also known as a Water Quality Association approved filter.


Not all cupboards under the sink provide ample room for a water filter. Some are too narrow that a 3-cartridge filter might not fit so you’ll have to make do with a single type filter.

Before you purchase one, take the proper measurements needed so you know what filter best fits in the space underneath your sink.


A lot of under sink water filters will tell you that their products are easy to set up and easy to install. Though that may be true, basic knowledge in drilling holes and handling equipment such as screwdrivers and being familiar with your pipes lines are recommended.

Opt for filters that only need you to do minimal work. Although if doing heavy-duty carpentry is alright with you and you don’t need a plumber to help you, then having an advanced water filter should be no problem.


Some under sink water filters will come with their faucets. These faucets can either be regular faucets or special ones that will only work with the filter that comes with it.

Should you need the faucet, you must also remember to check the space around your sink if you have room for it. Otherwise, you might have purchased one only to find out that you have no space for another faucet.

Read up on the description of the product on whether or not the faucet that comes with it is beneficial for you or not.

Water Volume

Do you live alone or with a family of five? Certain water filters can work for as much as up to 50,000 gallons of water while others will only work for as little as 1,600 gallons until you need to replace the filter again. Knowing how much you’ll be consuming on a regular basis or how many family members you have in a household should help you decide which filter to get.


Some people buy a water filter without checking to see if it’s compatible with the present water line or tubing that they have. The results could be disastrous since you’ll have to rush out and buy more parts just to connect everything. What’s worse is that you might even have to hire a plumber to have everything fit causing you to pay more than what you originally budgeted for.

Always read the details of the product you’re about to buy. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer and ask them if their product will fit in the current water line that they have.

Water Flow

Not all under sink water filters have the same water flow. When attached to the waterline, some filters will affect your current water flow leading to low pressure while other water filters will not affect anything.

Always check the details and reviews of the water filter you have in mind so you know if the water flow will change once you use the new filter.

FAQs on Under Sink Water Filters

- How often do you need to change your filter?

This depends on your water filter’s capacity to filter water and how much you use it on a regular basis. As mentioned above, some filters can filter up to 50,000 gallons of water. These types of water filters are considered more heavy-duty than the simple ones that can filter out only a thousand gallons of water.

- What are the benefits of using activated charcoal filters?

Charcoal filters do not remove the healthy minerals you need in water. It retains them so your body can still have the proper nutrients needed. This type of filter also eliminates the bad odor and taste you get from drinking tap water.

Activated charcoal filters are also considered affordable than most water filter systems.

- Is using a carbon water filter safe?

Using a carbon water filter is safe since they’re known to remove chlorine, bad odors, and bad taste from tap water. If rated and certified, it can even remove lead, heavy metals, and bacteria.

Please lookout for an NSF certification in your water filter to know if they are rated and certified properly.

- Are under sink water filters necessary?

Though your water provider may say that their water is safe for drinking straight from the tap, you can’t be too sure if the water line is not compromised. Some water lines have old pipes that contain particles such as rust and sediment through time and they may be attached to the water you and your family are about to drink.

Under sink water filters are necessary since it helps provide you with another line of defense against bacteria, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals and particles in your drinking water. There are many affordable ones in the market that you can try or you can check out the products we reviewed above.

- Can you attach a water filter to your hot water line?

Most water filters are known to be attached to the cold water line. But attaching them to your hot water line is also possible. The product will usually indicate whether it is compatible or not to be connected to the hot water line so be sure to read the description or ask the manufacturer for any concerns.

- Can you install an under sink water filter to your refrigerator?

Yes, you can. This is usually done for refrigerators that automatically produce ice cubes for your drinks or snow cones. But you may be required to have basic knowledge in carpentry and plumbing for you to connect your water filter to the refrigerator.

- What is the best under sink water filter?

There is no single best under sink water filter since there are many in the market that are considered durable, efficient, and convenient. But if we were to base it on Amazon’s top-rated sellers, it would have to be APEC Water System’s filter which is reviewed and mentioned on our list above.

Drink only the cleanest mineral water in the comforts of your own home. With the best under sink water filter, you don’t have to stock up on bottled water all the time. You also don’t need to call up a plumber to help you install the filters we reviewed. Affordable water filters exist and you don’t have to look for them any further.

Help the environment and maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting a water filter system that can perfectly fit underneath your sink.

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