How Do You Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

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When it involves updating your kitchen, one of the crucial first spaces to begin is with the cupboards. Have you attempted refacing them as an alternative of changing them totally? Cupboard refacing is an economical possibility that can provide your room a complete new look with out the litter and expense of starting from scratch.

Here’s the entirety you want to learn about refacing kitchen cupboards.

Refacing your cupboards is one strategy to believe if you wish to give your kitchen a facelift. Cabinet refacing is a cheap strategy to give your kitchen a brand new look with out changing the entire cupboards. So, how does it paintings?

Cabinet refacing generally involves changing your present cupboards’ doorways and drawer fronts, adopted by means of veneering the uncovered surfaces with new wooden or laminate. You might also improve your {hardware} presently. The final result’s a kitchen that appears like new however does no longer break the bank!

Renew Cabinet Refacing – From Before to After

Is It Worth It to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

There are some things you will have to believe earlier than resurfacing your kitchen cupboards. First and predominant, refacing isn’t a home made task. To accomplish the paintings, you’ll be able to want to make use of a qualified cupboard refinisher.

Second, despite the fact that refacing is more cost effective than changing cupboards totally, it’s nonetheless no longer a cheap endeavor. The charge of fabrics and exertions might range relying at the measurement of your kitchen and the kind of fabrics you pick out, however an ordinary kitchen cupboard reface will charge a number of thousand bucks.

But, there are some distinct benefits to refacing your cupboards somewhat than changing them.

For starters, it’s a lot much less disruptive than an entire cupboard alternative. You may not must take care of the litter and hassle of eliminating and changing old-fashioned cupboards. Second, in case your cupboards are bodily sound, refacing can provide them a complete new look with no need to switch them altogether.

This is also a very good solution to modernize an previous kitchen with out spending so much.

Is it thus profitable to reface your kitchen cupboards? It relies for your particular cases.

Well, if you wish to have a quick, easy, and rather reasonably priced strategy to modernize your kitchen, it’s certainly value it. But, if you wish to promote your own home quickly or if you want brand-new cupboards because of structural harm or different difficulties, it’s best (and more cost effective) to switch your cupboards totally.

Is It Cheaper to Reface Or Replace Cabinets?

Cabinets are a very powerful a part of the design of the kitchen, which is most often the center of the home. Many house owners ask whether it is inexpensive to reface or change their cupboards when it comes time to rebuild or refresh this house. Here’s an outline of each possible choices to lend a hand making a decision which is very best for your own home.

Cabinet Replacement

If your present cupboards are past restore or you wish to have to completely redesign your kitchen, converting them is also the most efficient answer. This might take extra money and time to finish, however you are going to have recent new cupboards that may undergo for years.

When it involves new cupboards, you’ll be able to have higher selection to make a choice the best design, subject matter, and end to your room.

Cabinet Refacing

If your cupboards are in first rate form however might want an replace, refacing may well be the answer.

This involves converting cupboard doorways and drawer fronts whilst keeping up the previous frames. Cabinet refacing is also accomplished the use of a number of fabrics similar to wooden veneer, laminate, or thermofoil. It is typically more cost effective than a complete alternative and is also achieved in much less time.

Also, you are going to no longer must take care of any disruptive demolition paintings for the reason that unique cupboard construction can be retained.

What is Involved in Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the method of changing the present cupboard frames with new ones. Laminate, veneer, and wooden are probably the most ceaselessly applied fabrics for this goal. This process might totally change into your kitchen with out requiring you to switch your whole cupboards.

Before settling on if cupboard refacing is right for you, there are some things to believe. The first attention is the state of your present cupboards. If they’re structurally sound, refacing is a possible selection.

If they’re breaking aside or have vital water harm, it’s certainly preferable to begin over with new cupboards.

The subsequent issue to believe is your finances. While cupboard refacing is more cost effective than buying new cupboards, it nonetheless necessitates a hefty funding.

If you wish to have to rent somebody to accomplish the duty for you, you should additionally believe the price of exertions.

If you might be enthusiastic about refacing your cupboards, there are a couple of choices. You might both interact a qualified trade that makes a speciality of this kind of paintings or do it your self in case you are talented with gear and relaxed operating on carpentry initiatives.

Do-it-yourself Most house development companies supply cupboard refacing kits that come with the entirety you want to accomplish the method your self. These kits ceaselessly include laminate sheets or veneers that fit your most well-liked end, in addition to trim items and cabinet-specific adhesive glue.

If you use a qualified trade, they’ll typically maintain the entirety from starting to finish, together with measuring your cupboards, buying the essential provides, and doing the real set up activity.

This is also extra pricey than doing it your self, however it’s going to prevent time and hassle ultimately.

Cabinet refacing is a wonderful strategy to refresh the semblance of your kitchen with out spending some huge cash or endeavor an enormous development activity. It is necessary to completely believe your whole possible choices earlier than making any choices in order that you find yourself with effects that you’re proud of on the subject of each serve as and attractiveness!

What is Average Cost to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the commonest kitchen renovation choices is to reface the cupboards. This selection is steadily more cost effective than converting the cupboards utterly and might totally change into the semblance of your kitchen. So, how a lot does refacing kitchen cupboards charge?

Refacing your kitchen cupboards can charge you between $1,500 and $3,500 on reasonable. This charge can be decided by means of a number of standards, together with the fabric used for the brand new doorways and drawer fronts, in addition to the dimensions of your kitchen. You will have to be expecting to speculate $5,000 or extra you probably have a larger kitchen or selected higher-end fabrics.

There are some things you’ll do to economize for your cupboard refacing procedure. To start, in case your previous cupboard packing containers are in superb situation, simply changing the doorways and drawer fronts can be more cost effective than buying totally new cupboards. Second, consider appearing a part of the paintings your self, similar to eliminating previous doorways and portray or staining cupboard packing containers.

This will help in decreasing exertions expenditures. Next, go searching for different fabrics. There are a number of chances to be had at more than a few worth levels, so that you will have to be capable to to find person who works inside of your finances.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets earlier than And After

If you wish to have to spruce up your kitchen, one of the crucial first puts to begin is with the cupboards. Cabinet refacing is a wonderful selection if you wish to replace the semblance of your kitchen with out spending so much or present process a large makeover.

When considering cupboard refacing, there are some things to believe.

First and predominant, make a choice a design that enhances the remainder of your kitchen’s decor. For instance, in case your kitchen is extra vintage, you will have to steer clear of ultra-modern cupboard fronts. Second, believe how a lot effort you’re keen to speculate into the mission.

While refacing cupboards isn’t as time-consuming as ranging from scratch, it’s going to nonetheless want some paintings for your aspect.

After you might have decided that cupboard refacing is how you can move, you’ll start making plans your activity. Begin by means of measuring your present cupboards and drawing a coarse design of the way you wish to have them to seem as soon as they have been refaced.

Afterwards, discuss with your native house development store or glance on-line for cupboard doorways that fit your thought. When acquiring new doorways, be certain they’re the similar measurement and design as those for your present cupboards; this may occasionally make set up a lot more effective.

Eventually, the thrilling section starts: putting in your new doorways!

This process will vary in accordance with the type of doorways you select and whether or not or no longer you’re additionally converting any {hardware} (like handles and drawer pulls). But, set up is ceaselessly easy: simply take away the previous doorways and hinges out of your cupboards and change them with new ones the use of screws or nails. After the entirety is in position, take a step again and admire your activity!

Pros And Cons of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the commonest kitchen makeover choices is to reface the cupboards. This selection might save you time and cash, however there are some conceivable negatives to believe earlier than making a decision.

The most important advantage of cupboard refacing is that it should give your kitchen a complete new look with out requiring a complete intestine makeover.

If your cupboards are in first rate form however you’re bored of the design, this may well be an implausible strategy to freshen issues up with no need to begin from scratch.

Another benefit is that it’s much less disruptive than an entire kitchen redesign. Since you don’t seem to be eliminating any present cupboards, there’s no want to take care of the mess and interruption that this operation involves.

Cabinet refacing typically takes only some days to finish, so you will not be with out your kitchen for weeks or months at a time.

Yet, there are some conceivable disadvantages to believe. One drawback is which you could no longer be capable to reach the similar look as you possibly can with recent new cupboards.

Although cupboard manufacturers have advanced their skill to duplicate finishes and designs, there might nonetheless be some minor discrepancies between refaced and new cupboards.

Another issue to believe is that cupboard refacing isn’t at all times more cost effective than buying new cupboards altogether. It might in fact charge extra in positive cases because of the need for specialised fabrics and finishes.

But, if you’ll get vital reductions on refacing fabrics or exertions costs, it should finally end up being more cost effective than starting from scratch.

Finally, whether or not or no longer cupboard refacing is suitable to your kitchen can be decided by means of your personal necessities and tastes. If you wish to have to steer clear of an enormous development activity and do not thoughts slight beauty diversifications, this may well be a really perfect selection for you.

Problems With Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

If you might be considering of refacing your kitchen cupboards, there are some things you will have to know previously. While cupboard refacing is also a great solution to alternate the semblance of your kitchen with out the associated fee and trouble of a complete renovation, there are some conceivable problems to concentrate on earlier than you start.

One worry is if you don’t use a qualified carrier, it may well be tough to procure matching veneer to your cupboards.

If you don’t seem to be wary, the brand new veneer would possibly not fit totally with the previous, giving your kitchen an unfinished look.

Another factor with cupboard refacing is that no longer the entire unique cupboard floor can also be totally lined. This signifies that any broken spaces for your cupboards will stay obvious as soon as the refacing process is finished.

It can be tough to refinish door and drawer fronts made of fabrics rather than wooden.

Lastly, despite the fact that cupboard refacing may prevent cash over an entire redesign, it’s nonetheless a significant expenditure. Before making any alternatives, be sure to perceive the entire charges concerned.


One of the commonest kitchen renovation choices is to reface somewhat than change kitchen cupboards. Cabinet resurfacing is a cheap strategy to refresh the design of your kitchen with out absolutely gutting it and beginning over. The process involves eliminating the door and drawer fronts, in addition to any {hardware}, after which putting in new ones.

You might also change out the aspect and finish panels for a extra complete alteration.

Cabinet refacing most often takes two days to finish, and the full aesthetic of your kitchen will make stronger dramatically. Cabinet refacing is no doubt value taking into consideration if you wish to give your kitchen a makeover!


Is it value it to reface kitchen cupboards?

If the unique cupboards are well-constructed and in superb restore, and a greatly other aesthetic is sought after, cupboard refacing may well be a cast, cost-saving selection for kitchen renovation. It may be a very good possibility when the present kitchen association works successfully.

Is it inexpensive to reface or change cupboards?

Cabinet refacing prices between 30% and 50% not up to changing the entire cupboards in a kitchen.

What is the variation between resurfacing and refacing kitchen cupboards?

Although resurfacing most effective refreshes your cupboards, refacing replaces them totally. Since the cupboard fronts and doorways can be modified, you could pick out any new door taste, end, and subject matter you need.

Is it simple to reface kitchen cupboards?

Plywood 4 in. Afterwards, set up new doorways and drawer fronts rather than the previous ones. Refacing cupboards is a straightforward and reasonably priced solution to replace the semblance of your kitchen with out the effort and value of a complete makeover. Just quilt the cupboard face body and finish panels with self-sticking wooden veneer.

What are the cons of refacing kitchen cupboards?

The Drawbacks of Kitchen Refacing
Your cupboards will not be in just right sufficient form to be refaced.
While converting door and drawer fronts is moderately easy, making use of new veneer on panels is also difficult (it is an obtained craft) and therefore will not be an appropriate DIY endeavor.
It is solely beauty in nature.
Additional knowledge…•May 19, 2022

Do it’s a must to take away counter tops to reface cupboards?

A: Yes! That’s the simple reaction we love. We can reface your kitchen cupboards with out eliminating them. If you’ve gotten a really perfect countertop however dislike your cupboards, cupboard refacing is also an implausible possibility for you.

How lengthy do refaced cupboards remaining?

Refaced cupboards might remaining a long time with just right upkeep, alternatively a couple of issues can impact the longevity and normal sturdiness of your refaced cupboards, together with: Your cupboards’ unique situation. Who does the refacing and the way just right is their paintings?

Does cupboard refacing grasp up?

For nearly all of people, refacing will undergo for a few years, if no longer a long time. Yet, there are a number of cases that may shorten the lifetime of those cupboards.

What does cupboard refacing come with?

While refacing, the doorways and drawers are got rid of, the previous cupboard packing containers are laminated within the new colour, taste, and subject matter, and the doorways and drawer fronts are changed with all-new. Sanding the present cupboards, doorways, and drawers, then reinstalling the entire unique kitchen parts, is needed for refinishing.

Does cupboard refacing come with portray?

Refacing a cupboard involves totally eliminating the cupboard doorways, acquiring new cupboard doorways, and putting in them. Cabinet refinishing is the method of sanding down previous cupboard doorways and refinishing them with new stain, paint, and lacquer to cause them to appear to be new once more.

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