What To Serve With Meatloaf

What To Serve With Meatloaf? Here Are Some Ideas!

We all agree with the fact that meatloaf is not the most complex and delectable delicacy in your menu. It is not even on the level where you can say that it is captivating to the taste.


However, one thing that makes meatloaf great is its versatility. It can go with several dishes without compromising the overall flavor of the food. It is one of the reasons why it has been a favorite of many gourmets out there. One way or another, one cannot deny that the meatloaf is inexplicably a food that makes you feel that you are home.

So if you are planning to serve meatloaf in your next meal, why not try to spice things up. With a little creativity and persistence in the kitchen, you can definitely create a tasty platter with this particular ingredient.

What to serve with meatloaf? Here they are!

Delicacies That Goes With Meatloaf

Side Dish

Meatloaf without any side dish is a complete disappointment. If you are going to make the meatloaf as your main dish, you ought to have a delectable side dish with this. In fact, one side dish is not enough, especially if you are preparing for dinner. The more varied your side dish is, the more flavor that you can mix the meatloaf.

1. Mashed Potatoes

When it comes to the side dish, mashed potatoes are a flexible choice. However, its wonders magnify when you combine it with meatloaf. It is probably the biggest reason why meatloaf is always combined with mashed potatoes.

If you are reluctant because of the carbohydrate contents of mashed potatoes, then there are ways you can tone it down. At this point, it is not an option anymore to scratch out this particular side dish in the possible combination that goes with your meatloaf.

2. Papaya and Carrots

Surprisingly, both carrot and papaya work well with meatloaf.

Specifically, they are fitting when the meatloaf you are planning to prepare inclines to the gravy side. Veggies and fruits can serve as perfect balancers; if you have something mushy, you also need something crunchy as well. Try preparing raw carrots by slicing them in long pieces. You can also do the same with the papaya. Also, keep in mind that you should not pick ripe papaya because it is already soft. Furthermore, you should try adding dips in the equation. Doing so could elevate the appeal of your meatloaf!

3. Spinach Gravy

Sure. All of us could agree that this side dish is the last thing that we expect that can blend with meatloaves. But after a few trials and tests, many gourmets found out that it actually complements our guy. It has a distinct flavor that harmonizes the seemingly home-like taste of a meatloaf. While it is true that this statement might not convince you still, its merit as a right partner for meatloaf is not discarded. Furthermore, you should always consider it if you are health conscious.

Complementary Full Meal

We are in consensus on the idea that meatloaves, on their own, can stand as a complete dish already. Some people can just live by it. They don't need an appetizer or soup as long as they have a meatloaf in their plate. And actually, that's a good thing. It is a way of practising frugal eating, and it keeps your diet in control.

But of course, you always have the option to diversify the meatloaf as a complete meal. There are certain inclusions that work well with it. If you are a skilled chef, you can make these combinations even better.

1. Fried Rice

Sure enough, meatloaf and fried rice is a match made in heaven. Maybe you are not aware of this, but in many Asian countries, meatloaf with fried rice is considered a staple meal. These two ingredients can give people a nostalgic feeling of comfort and coziness while eating. And such kind of experience is rarely produced--even with highly delectable dishes.

The meatloaf is a gravy dish. Perhaps, it is the reason why a smoking hot platter of semi-crunchy fried rice can blend with it perfectly. Their flavors don't clash either. When cooked properly, these two ingredients can generate succulent and sumptuous taste. Keep in mind that both of them are cheap. Therefore, you can always prepare whenever you want to.

2. Indian Rice

Another rice variant that can go well with meatloaf is Indian rice. While it is true that this one is somehow subjected to regional tastes and preferences, it is still undeniable that it can boost the flavor of any grilled delicacies. Since you can prepare meatloaf through grilling, then the punchy flavor of Indian rice can really blend in.

Moreover, Indian rice is a flexible food in a menu. There are a myriad of recipes that fits this particular staple food. Depending on your expertise, you can actually experiment on the different combinations of meatloaf and Indian rice.

3. Mac and Cheese

You need to consider mac and cheese if the people who will consume the meatloaves are kids. Mac and cheese have always been their favorite, so it is quite logical if you will place them in the same platter as the loaf. Of course, this is not something that should burden you. One way or another, preparing mac and cheese is not an ordeal. There are numerous recipes out there that prove to be sumptuous matches for meatloaf!

4. Spaghetti

Sure enough, spaghetti should not be excluded on this leaf. Since time immemorial, spaghetti has been a partner of starchy dishes such as mashed potatoes, loaf bread, and of course--meatloaf. It has an idyllic taste that uplifts the flavor of meatloaf--especially if the latter is grilled. However, let me remind you that overdoing the spaghetti might harm the entire meal. The best thing that you can do is to serve the spaghetti only in small amounts. In this way, the tangerine flavor of spaghetti won't overpower the meatloaf.

Bottom Line

Overall, we just have to appreciate the idea that meatloaf is not an exquisite ingredient that requires high levels of preparation skills. Furthermore, it is not something that is stiff; many ingredients can work with it. You will not encounter a hard time in the match-making process!

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions about anything related to food, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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