How Long Does Garlic Last

How Long Does Garlic Last And How To Store It

Garlic is the secret to making dishes more flavorful. A lot of households have garlic stored within their reach. But because it’s used in so many meals, the common notion is to buy a lot, so you don’t have to keep on returning to the grocery store. This might lead you to wonder, how long does garlic last?


You have to admit that is a pretty good thing to think about whether you are the type to use garlic a lot or not. You’re aware most vegetables spoil. But with garlic, admittedly you are not so sure. Naturally, garlic will also follow the same fate if kept for too long and stored badly.

Don’t wait until it gets to that point so soon. Luckily for you, we have come up with a guide to help you identify how long can garlic last and how you can store it the right way to keep it fresh for days or even months one end. By the end of this guide, you will be a pro at keeping your garlic in check.

Garlic’s “expiration date” depends on how you store it. But more on that in a little bit. In this section, let’s assume your garlic is properly stored and this is how long the garlic shelf life is.

A Whole Garlic Bulb

Garlic lasts the longest when all the cloves have not been removed from each other. If you can notice, there’s a skin covering the whole bulb. It will look like a thin sheet. You will have to get past that to remove the cloves individually, which are then also covered by another layer of skin. All this covering is important as it protects the garlic from turning bad fast.

So if you’re wondering how long do garlic bulbs last since you probably still have one in your kitchen, rest assured that it will last for 3 to 6 months.

Unpeeled Garlic Cloves

With the skin still on, garlic cloves will still last but not as long as half a year as bulbs do. Unpeeled garlic cloves are good for 1-2 weeks. It’s still considered a fair amount of time for you to plan how to use it.

Peeled Garlic Cloves

A quick countdown to spoilage begins once the garlic cloves are peeled. So how long does peeled garlic last? You’ll only have days or approximately a week. If it’s chopped, then the shelf life shortens faster as it’s exposed to a lot of elements by now.

Now that you know how long garlic is good for, let’s learn how to properly store it to ensure that we keep it to its freshest state.

How To Store Fresh Garlic?

How To Store Fresh Garlic

is fresh garlic good for? It’ll last long depending on how you store it. The right and proper way to keep garlic are through these steps:

Step 1: Find A Proper Storing Space

Find a nice space in your kitchen that is dry yet cool. It also has to be dark since light can cause your garlic to develop some molds. The refrigerator is not an ideal place for your garlic since it might cause them to sprout faster. A space with room temperature is recommended.

Step 2: Use The Right Container

Airtight containers are not a suitable choice in storing garlic. Keep your garlic in baskets or containers with holes in them. Allow it to breathe so it doesn’t rot easily.

Step 3: Place In The Fridge Or The Freezer Only If You Must

Either you have some leftover peeled or chopped garlic, one thing you can do is store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container this time. Just how long does garlic last in the fridge? Only for a few days until it starts turning soft and mushy.

If you have no use of it, you may store it in the freezer for a longer expiration date. But do note that the taste and texture would change afterward so it’s still best to consume immediately.

How to Tell If Garlic Is Bad?

How to Tell If Garlic Is Bad?

All of those steps mentioned above will help your garlic last long. But in the event it turns bad, how do you know? When does garlic go bad? What if you’re just about to buy it? How can you tell if the garlic you’re holding is about to spoil?

Check For Discoloration

Fresh garlic is light yellow in color. The darker in color it is, the more it’s about to go bad. Check the color of your garlic and if you find any signs of discoloration, throw it away.

Look For Dark Spots

Spots or bruises in garlic is a sign that it’s not fresh or it’s about to spoil. Worse, it’s probably mold. You can chop off the spot away since the rest of the garlic can still be used. But if the spots are bigger and seem to consume the whole garlic clove, it’s best to dispose of it rather than use some of it.

Notice If There Are Sprouts

Sprouts form on top of the garlic bulb through time. It’s safe to eat, but it’s a sure sign that the garlic is aging fast. Sprouts also taste bitter that some people just tend to remove it.

Touch It

Garlic is firm in texture. If you notice it being soft in your hands once you feel it, then we’re sorry to tell you but your garlic is turning bad. You wouldn’t want some mushed up garlic now, would you?

There you have it. Garlic makes your dishes tastier. It actually keeps your meals alive. It ignites flavor and has a strong but welcoming aroma when cooking with it. It would be unfortunate to let such an ingredient go to waste. So be sure to follow this guide to make sure you only have the freshest garlic stored in your kitchen.

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